Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello June

My mom had mentioned to me... Why don't you blog anymore?! This is something you can look back on when you are old and remember what your life was like in Tokyo!
So today's important thing to note:
It was a gorgeous day - And somehow I managed to get out of the office while the sun was still out! Seizing such an opportunity I decided to walk home... Using Tokyo Midtown as my bearing... What a wonderful little stroll! One of my favorite things about living in a city - Long walks.
Below are some pictures from the ALB Gala I went to last Friday at The Ritz Carlton. For months I had really been looking forward to this event... It's basically the Oscars for lawyers... My boss invited me with her and a bunch of other partners since I worked so hard to get us a bunch of nominations! And at the end of the night we walked away with three awards! YIPEEEE! Then we all went karaoke - popped some Moet to celebrate and I was reigned Karaoke Princess of B&M! (^.^)

ピース!Ikeda-sensei and Eguchi-sensei

The Group!!!

Random thoughts before bedtime:
1. Can't wait for SATURDAY SATC2 with the girls! Pink, bling, heels, cosmos!
2. Obsessed with Diptyque creme pour le corps body cream from Estnation.
3. Rearranged my studio!
4. I miss trashy magazines - Us, InTouch, etc.
5. FINALLY got a Roppongi Hills card
6. Let's hope I can be a good little shopper at this weekend's Opening Ceremony event
7. Cannot WAIT to go home
8. BEAT LA! BEAT LA! Yikes Game 1 of NBA Finals TOMORROW!!!
9. Wednesday Hump Day last night was ridiculous.
10. Mmm Makkori.
11. So. Happy. Not. To. Have. Clubbing. On. The. Agenda. This. WEEKEND... PHEW!
12. I love dinner dates with my favorite neighbor, Marie!


  1. you look beautiful as always, but I just ahve to say... GOOOOO LAKERS! Love you!

  2. aww thank you sis! oh no oh no game 2 tomorrow- go celtics! <3 u too