Friday, June 11, 2010


The view from the top @ Cassita, the rooftop lounge where I had a nightcap on Monday.

In the spirit of the ty's, brb's, lol's... I think I'm gonna take it one step forward and start abbreviating my blog entry titles.
What a week... I went out every SINGLE night this week. How is that possible?!

Photo credit: ESPN
Monday: Game 2 @ Legends!!! YUP. Rayray record breaking evening plus my favorite- #9's triple double. (^.^)

Tuesday: Dinner @ Napule in Tokyo Midtown! AMAZING.

Me and Miki! Pre-dinner. (Miki and I went to Pepp together and her friends know my friends - Tokyo is so small!)

I think I'm scolding someone...

Course 1- A sampler of sorts: Eggplant, prosciutto, white fish carpaccio, escargot, sun-dried tomatoes, a fresh fig, spinach pie and seasoned greens.

We were too hungry - And pizza is my favorite "junk" food so I was completely distracted... But these are the remains of Course 2 (which was margarita pizza and gorgonzola cheese pizza)

After the pizza I was quite full - So I ended up having two courses in front of me at one time because I was eating so slow!!! Courses 3: Sausage tomato pasta and Course 4 (the main): tender beef with potatoes. Sadly I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of DESSERT - but the fifth and final course of the evening was a chocolate cake with panna cotta and fresh fruits.

The LV expert with my LV

Tuesday dinner group!

Wednesday: Game 3. Disappointing. Mom and I had a misunderstanding and she accidentally leaked who won to me in an email @ work... Boooo. I had gone through great lengths to organize this huge get together too with a bunch of my friends! So I was LIVID especially since the Celtics lost. Wow, I am such a guy! Yes I tend to overreact to sports games when it comes to the NBA. Admitting is the first step. Despite the loss, I ended up going to Legends anyway. By the way - Let me explain a bit about Legends. Legends is basically one of the only sports bars in Roppongi that plays NBA games. That being said it is a TOTAL MEAT MARKET. The stomping grounds for foreign men - most of whom are bankers, ex-pats, etc. My mom made me swear to never go there alone. Haha. Which I completely agree with... But because of the NBA finals I frequent this place at least twice a week! I've kept my promise and always bring a friend... Safety in numbers.

Thursday: Oh hello 12-hour work day. Hadn't seen you in a while. After coming home around 10:30 I just wanted to RELAX and not do anything. But an acquaintance I met here, Satoko (who is a bit older than me- but she has taken a liking to me- and is a very well connected lady in Tokyo - travels between Paris and Tokyo a bunch) invited me to karaoke with her and her friends... I really didn't want to go as I was exhausted but when I called to cancel, she insisted I come for just a drink and a song. So I listened to my elders... It helped that they were at my favorite karaoke place! She wanted to introduce me to her party - Tokyo is a crazy place I tell you. I never know what I'm getting myself into. Nice to meet you Mr. President/CEO of Pernod Ricard Japan, Mr. President/CEO of some huge skincare company in Japan, and Mr. CEO of some Japanese asset management firm... Great to see you again Mr. Movie Producer and a pleasure to meet you Miss Famous Japanese Actress. Sometimes my life is not real life.

Friday: Zonked. Marketing event in Ark Hills after work... Networking, talking, asking questions about our competing firms, blah blah blah. My mind was elsewhere... I wanted to leave so I could go watch Shrek and Donkey save the day off the Celtics bench to even out the series 2-2. I couldn't follow along gamecast live today since I was busy with a pitch due this morning... But I did catch the press conference at lunch. The Nate Robinson/Big Baby interview AKA Shrek and Donkey is one to bookmark! Adorable! World Cup also kicked off today... Yawn, could care less about soccer... Came home and could not be more excited to watch and read the clips/commentary/highlights/stories from Game 4.

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