Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday and Tofu

What a night... Was looking forward to going on a run (It was hot today!) but surprise! Worked for 11 hours... Thank you Legal500 and partner CVs...

Photo credit: Spreadsheetpage.com
Oh and also I HATE EXCEL... Excel and I did not get off to a very good start... It's like having to go out on your first blind date that your boss set you up on - You're clueless about him (Excel) and thus, feel a bit uncomfortable about the whole situation. You really don't want to do it but you have to. So you try to figure out the fastest and most painless way to get it over with. But as luck would have it... That doesn't work so you're stuck. Metaphor aside, I'm not in finance - but who knew that spreadsheets would be such a big part of my job?! If anyone knows any shortcuts and tricks to expedite my feeble abilities please let this right brained girl know right away!

On my way home I picked up some fresh veggies for a salad and some tofu. It was refreshing (and wonderful) to have a simple, small meal. I missed eating at home on my coffee table surfing the Internet. That sounds really sad - But I'm easy to please at heart :) Frankly- I'm tired of constantly eating out.

Let's skip back to the weekend with a little photo jump.

Saturday night! Thought I'd start a new little project and document what I wear.

Dress: H&M; Shoes: Jimmy Choo; Bangles: Alex&Ani

Dinner @ the Tanuki izakaya in Juban - This place is soo Japanese - like a typical Japanese izakaya. From L to R - escargot, hijiki mix and kabocha with a cream cheese paste on top.


Feria - where else?

Miki is hiding....

The group!

Thanks for the h20, Will

Sunday- bagna cauda @ Eat More Greens! Look how cute the baby bean is!!!

Windsor Cafe - Best table in the place - outside.

Cream anmitsu for dessert

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