Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Such Great Heights

On my way home from udon at Tsurutontan on Sunday, they had this huge German beer festival which I'm assuming is like Oktoberfest (except it's not October?!) at Roppongi Hills.

The Japanese are weird. They're like dancing and singing and know all the German drinking songs. I have no idea why. I am so judgmental sometimes :)

Since I couldn't run today (I was meeting Marie for dinner @ Soup Stock), I walked home. It only takes me 20 min! And look what I found on my way home!!! A capsule hotel!!! HAHA. This is one of those things that only work in Japan... Everyone sleeps in a small cylinder-like capsule. I think each little cell has a TV. It's supposed to be like a cheap way of staying somewhere overnight for salarymen. For the future~ if anyone visits me and wants to stay in one of these... I'll know exactly where to take you!

After dinner with Marie she suggested we check out the observance deck in Mori Building on the 52nd floor... I'd never been there before but since she works with Deutsche they get in for free! Apparently Deutsche either owns part of the museum or has some connection for all employees...

GORGEOUS. I think it's better than the view from Tokyo Tower and New York Grill in Shinjuku. May even be better than the view from The Ritz in Tokyo Midtown...

If you squint you can see Marie and I!

Tried to be all artsy with my ticket and the view!

So my new thing is postcards. I love postcards. They've got some real cool ones here. I think I'll start collecting these artsy ones everywhere I go (not the touristy photo type ones those just don't do it for me). I bought a few tonight at the Mori Art Museum stores. Most of them are stuck on my refrigerator for now... But I want to eventually do a huge wall collage of my collection!

Mai Miyake - "Dance Double Luck" (That's Mori Building under the girl) - I love her art. I also have another postcard by her of a girl with silver spoon.

Takeshi Murakami! - The last one! It was meant to be!

Designed by Yayoi Fujiwara - If you know me you know why I bought this. If not, FIO.

I got this one in Kyoto - Thought it was unusual because postcard folds! And I love the little rascal Kewpies...Super cute!

Random photo of the night~ I bought this little furikake to take to work so I can sprinkle it on my rice (I hate plain rice and sometimes they don't put enough furikake on my bentos!).

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