Friday, June 25, 2010

Wacky Wednesdays

Wednesday we had a big dinner - 10 of us - Marketing, HR + our COO and her secretary to celebrate the close of FY10. We went to an Okinawan restaurant in Akasaka near our office.

This is the biggest pitcher of beer I've ever seen in my life - And then check out the tiny glasses they serve with it.

Course 1: Mimiga (pig's ear), umibodou (literally means sea grapes in English), onions

A close up - The pig's ear was not bad - Yes I ATE IT!!! I was proud of myself - And it was kinda good actually! Tasted like jellyfish. The umibudou was a bit salty though...

Course 2: Okinawan potato croquette

Course 3: Kushiage (deep-fried skewers) - Shrimp, tsukune-stuffed shiitake, renkon, fishcake, etc.

Course 4: Goya champuru (bitter melon, pork, bean sprouts) - A standard Okinawan dish - This was so yummy!

Course 5: Beef and daikon with karashi mustard

Before course 7 (dessert) there was a course 6 - noodles in a broth! It tasted like saimin! I was so happy I forgot to take a picture... So now we jump to dessert - andagi donut with green tea ice cream!

My boss. Haha.


Bye bye Okinawan restaurant!

Post nomihoudai and a full 7-course meal we went karaoke... TILL 2 AM. Yes - I was out with my COO, boss, manager singing till 2 am. Yikes! What a night!!! But a fun one~ Sang three Japanese songs - Haha. I'm getting better!

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