Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Samurai Blue

Someone should have told me that the World Cup only happens once every four years... Oops. Now I finally get what the big deal is! Watched a disappointing game on Tuesday night in Roppongi - But wow it was a good one, and Japan sure put up a great fight!!! Really sad it's over since now that both the US and Japan are out I have no personal ties to any team (which means I won't be watching). I guess I'll have to look forward to 2014!!! Catch some of the madness below...

Pre-game @ Legends in Roppongi - The place was PACKED.

Miki: "It's too crowded, let's just hop through the window." So we did.

Konbini run: Ukon and zero calorie grapefruit chu-hais @ the break before PK...

The crowd

Also... If you watch the video - you see like this older Japanese guy behind us... He was super rowdy, kept cheering real loud - So we kind of made friends with him. When Miki & I went to get a drink we were casually like, "You need something?" (since it was jam packed and impossible to get service). He goes "ohh ohh hai hai get me bottle wine" shows me the wine bottle- gives me ichi-man yen (equiv to USD100) and goes "keep the change". So we bought another wine for our table as well plus a tip. :)

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