Friday, June 25, 2010

Two Rooms - Cocktail Party

Thursday - Another work event - This time a cocktail party hosted by Mergermarket at Two Rooms in Aoyama. Gorgeous venue. Check out these pictures! Which really doesn't do the place justice - It's got an outside patio as well.

Photo credits: Verita Cafe

Networked a bit - Hung out with my boss and attorneys - I was still zonked from the 9 hours of sleep I had got within 2 days... Can't believe I made it through the week. And the fact that I am blogging right now - ridiculous. I have problems. My boss - Rina told me she only sleeps like 2-3 hours every night. Her mentality "I'll have lots of sleep when I'm dead." True - but I still think she's a bit crazy. If I ever sleep that little on a regular basis - I'll have to change my name ... Cause I just won't be Alanna anymore.

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