Monday, April 19, 2010

Make You Work Work Make you Work

OMG. I have never worked so many hours in my life. 10-12 hour average since two Fridays ago... What is this corporate life? I am NOT a fan and being a Stepford wife sounds like an AMAZING way to retire after I make it to the top, sit there for about two years and QUIT! Hahaha. Just kidding.... But am I? ;) Thank god I get overtime ... Ka-ching! But like I tell myself always... This is the life I wanted, and I got it. So despite my need to complain, I'm still thankful. I'm learning a ton and it's really a small sacrifice to reap the benefits, I guess. Soon 12 hour days may just be the norm...
In other news, I rewarded myself after a SATURDAY of work (yes I worked on a weekend) and went shopping! - Got this adorable nautical tube top jump suit from La Foret and as always did some damage at my favorite cheap n chic store, Forever21. Ahh.. Natsukashii (nostalgic)... Felt like I was home there for a second digging through all that fun jewelry!
And I love my new friend Rie- She is gorgeous and sooo much fun! My first real nihonjin friend though she speaks pretty great English.
Can't wait to see my Mommy in almost one week!!! Woooo! And can't wait for Golden Week VACAY!!!
No pics tonight but I do have some. Just needed to vent a bit! TG my submission needs to be in by tomorrow - Maybe things will slow down a little... But really, who am I kidding, wishful thinking...
Love blasting MGMT and Santogold on my iTouch after a looooong dayyyyy....

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