Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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I've loved Rondo before all the Rondo hype. I've loved Rondo since I saw him in 2008. With Game 6 upon us and the Celts just one game away from their 18th title... It's only fitting to wish Rondo good luck by explaining why he is my favorite player- bar none in the NBA!

1o. His face is like a cute little boy.

9. He's fast as hell and doesn't give up. http://ballhype.com/video/rajon-rondo-dives-for-ball-past-jason-williams/

8. He's a skater! http://ballhype.com/video/rajon_rondo_rollerskates_with_kids/

7. He's cocky. Boston center, Kendrick Perkins on Rondo: "I'm just telling you, Rajon is real cocky, he's got swagger. The good kind."

6. He's a team player with the most triple doubles of any player this post season.

5. He is a family guy. In a short feature by USAToday, he says his favorite holiday is Christmas cause he gets to be with his family.

4. He loves kids and fashion! Rondo and Tony Allen gave shopping sprees to 32 kids under one condition- That they could be their personal fashion guides. See the ESPN story here.

3. He is a little guy in the NBA (6'1) but still thinks he can take Ron Artest.

2. He has a sense of humor. On his technical foul in Game 5 (see above video): “I’m not that strong,” Rondo said, smiling. “He did (flop) a little bit. He’s probably the strongest guy on the court in this series. I’ve been lifting a little bit, but other than that, I didn’t push him that hard.”

And the number one reason I love Rajon Rondo....

1. He loves LV just like me :)

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