Friday, June 25, 2010


Tonight we had a temaki sushi (hand roll - that's what the funky characters above say) party at Rina's house. I ate like the fat kid I am - Oh and by the way, I am the champion sushi roller>>see pictures below.

Rina's baby - Kira-chan (the prettiest baby ever) and Midori-chan. Midori-chan is one of my favorite people in the office - She is our COO's secretary. She always plays with my hair and French braids it for me sometimes at lunch!


The close up -Maguro, salmon, tai, egg, hamachi, cucumber, daikon sprouts - In addition there was also unagi, uni, ikura, mentaiko, tako, katsu, kimchee, tsukemono, tako, natto... OMG so much food! And then cherries for dessert :)

Roll #1: Natto, cucumber and kimchee!

Roll #2: Shiso and fish

Roll #3 - MY PRIDE and JOY! Looks professional - salmon, cucumber, shiso

I LOVE MONTYYYYYYYYYY - action shot of him eating his bone

Roll #4: I started to get crazy creative - ham, egg and natto - wasn't too good...

Roll #5: Rina loves ham and kept shoving ham in my rolls! (>.<) - Ham, daikon sprouts, fish, shiso
Roll #6: Saved the best for LAST! Maguro natto - my favorite!!!

Also - Rina invited Jimucho-san who was the Admin Manager before the current one now. He is the sweetest little old man! I sat next to him, practiced my Japanese (I never understand why Rina makes me sit next to the nihonjin when she knows I don't speak - maybe to force me to practice so I guess that's good). During dinner, he was drinking sake in a glass but had a small carafe near him- So I was pouring his sake for him to be polite (Respect your elders, you know!) - As a result, the whole night everyone kept cracking jokes telling me I'm #1 Hostess in Ginza... I am seriously always that little sister who constantly gets teased by all my coworkers!!!


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