Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snow in March!

It's March. It rained today. And then the rain turned into snow. Today I quite possibly saw the most snow I've seen since I've been here! On my way home I walked at an incredibly slow pace because not only had the snow started to stick to the ground, but the pavement was slushy and slippery from all rain (we all know how clumsy I am)! By the time I got home my flats were soaking wet and my feet were numb. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow... Supposedly by Thursday and Friday it will be warm again. Global warming at it's best, I guess.
1. Hot tea was amazing on a cold day like this. So was Korean tofu soup for lunch! Yuna Kim's (the ice skater) picture was hanging in the restaurant we ate at today- Apparently she also ate there when she was in Japan!
2. I seriously can't get enough of Gossip Girl! Tonight I managed to restrain thankfully and cleaned the apartment...
3. After Tokyo... I'm thinking... NYC :)
4. What would I do without my beloved Burberry umbrella?
5. I hope I get to wear rain boots to work tomorrow.
6. Tired.
7. Went karaoke for the first time this past weekend (since I've been here!)!!! SO FUN! I took a stab at two Japanese songs hahaha. I failed. I can't read Japanese that fast... But I can't wait to go again.
8. I think I'm going to hibernate away from society soon... Starting in... April.
9. I want a camel leather jacket.
10. Can't wait for Spring and Ohanami!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday 2/28 in Yokohama

Kamameshi Rice

I love Yokohama. I went there this past Sunday to meet my friend Erika who I absolutely adore!
It's just so chill there... Still fun but not as intense as Tokyo. Not too far either... Only 30 minutes from Roppongi Station!
We shopped quite a lot actually which, of course, was fine with me! They were having a "Charming Sale" (still don't quite get what it is but it happens twice a year in Motomachi- a shopping district in Yokohama) so we walked around there and also browsed around at Sogo, an enormous department store near the Yokohama station. I got a couple skirts for work, some cute accessories and a coat!
For dinner, Erika took me to this great kamameshi place! It was so cute, homey and boy was it yummy! We also had some kushiyaki (meat/veggies grilled on skewers)... I tried joints for the first time! I actually liked it - had a crunchy interesting consistency.
Oh and also... I love sleeping on trains.

Yokohama Beer! Tasted like mugicha (barley tea) sorta... But it was good!

Wednesday - Happy Hump Day

Look! Flowers are blooming!!!

What a crazy work week it's been.
But a great thing happened today. Everyone at work is so sweet and friendly... Except my COO. She's not mean but she's not friendly... At least not to me. I'm quite intimidated and though I always try to smile at her, etc., she's just SCARY. Today for lunch, I picked up a bento and ate at my desk since we had a seminar and I wanted to be accessible to the rest of my team in case they needed any extra help. As I'm eating she walks by me and says "Oh Alanna do you know Claire (Director of BD/Marketing for the entire Asia Pacific region)?" And I respond, "Yes of course." I correspond occasionally with Claire when they ask for deal information and other requests. The COO continued, "Well at APM (Asia Pacific Meeting) I saw her and she specifically mentioned you to me." Yikes. Scary. Why?! "She said you're doing a great job, doing really well ." I WAS FLOORED. "Thank you, thank you so much, that means a lot," I said trying to maintain my cool though I was ecstatic. With that she just walked away. Damn, she's still scary. I immediately wrote a nice email to Claire who I can't wait to meet one day.
Went grocery shopping today... I really think I could stay in drug stores and markets for hours. I guess I just really do like to shop. Chopped up carrots, cucumbers, apples and broccoli. Decided to make a little lifestyle change and eat healthier (I'm always eating out). I miss veggies. Produce is sooo great here!
Uploaded a bunch of pictures to Facebook. Looking back on them I am a full-fledged party girl. Oh my. Maybe another lifestyle change needs to made soon in regards to that as well!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday - A Miserably Cold Day

Today is March 2.

(Real sakura and yellow blossoms I brought home from work!)

Spring is just around the corner with Vernal Equinox Day on March 22.
By the way, I only know this because we have a holiday in observance of this. Only in Japan... But hey a holiday is a holiday, which is awesome by all means!
But today...Brrr... Was it cold.
So cold in fact, that when I was done with work, I RAN in my heels to the restaurant I was meeting everyone at for dinner just to stay warm!!!
Work was crazy busy and my current To-Do List has like 25 things. Yikes. Had a great meeting today with our Dispute Resolution Head who talked to me about the FedEx Narita plane crash last year in 2009. We're representing FedEx. I found out that it's quite a landmark case since it was the first plane crash at Narita Airport and the first time to have a fatality! So basically, there's precedence to be set regarding this litigation investigation which makes it a great opportunity for exposure for B&M. Also found out some real interesting juicy news about a potential client that I hope we get!!! But I have to stay mum till things are finalized...
Well enough about work.
I'll have to write about my crazy jam packed weekend maybe tomorrow.
For now I'll continue with my mobile uploads...

I got a surprise delivery in my mailbox today!!!
I LOVE GETTING MAIL! What an adorable Valentine card from SHY! She is the best at making cards! There are pink, red and white M&Ms inside the heart! How cute is that?! Thank you Shy, love you very much!

Tonight we had dinner at this curry place in Akasaka... It's great.
It's called "Curry Club" and they have celebs who endorse the restaurant and are pictured with their favorite curries.

Azabujuban is seriously dangerous. Of course I pick the place to live in with a ridiculous amount of amazing sweets.
Castella cake with whipped cream and caramel. AMAZING. The cake is only cooked about half-way so the inside is a bit gooey and creamy.

I really am my daddy's daughter. I love my plants! Got these cute little guys from this old man selling plants on the street!