Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playing Catchup! Thursday-Sunday

1. I have been MIA! Thanks for pointing this out to me J! I feel loved knowing someone follows (~.^)
2. Thursday: Went to a great French bistro called Bistro de la Cite in Nishiazabu! The rilette (similar to pate, usually made with pork- I did not know this, did some research) and bread was excellent! Other dishes included a scallop salad with truffles, escargot, steak with fries and a French dish with beans and sausage on top. I can't remember what it's called but it was baked and served in a small casserole dish. For dessert I had a maron cream cake (maron is chesnut). I usually don't like maron but this was also delicious and quite light. Really cute place and good food! Also found a charming little bar that plays oldies across the way... The owner is an adorable old man that works the bar himself and deejays at the same time. It's really a one-man-show. His deejay set plays only records and every time a song plays, he hangs the record cover on the wall.
3. Friday: 新宴会 (shinnenkai=beginning of the year celebration usually involving dinner and drinks) with my coworkers! It was so fun. We went to an お好み焼き (okonomiyaki=the Japanese cabbage pancake with all sorts of meat/seafood and special sauces on top!) restaurant where it was 食べ放題/飲み放題 (tabehoudai/nomihoudai=all you can eat/drink). Wow was I stuffed! Then we went a great little lounge in 表参道 (Omotesando). It was in the basement of a building and you had to take off your shoes upon entering. The place was so posh! Plush purple and red carpeting everywhere, white leather furniture, kitschy 70s lava lamp-ish lighting and tons of great cocktails. I will be back. Below are two of the many:
I ordered this one... Some sort of peach bellini type cocktail. So pretty and it tasted like juice.

This next cocktail was Rie's apple sangria type cocktail.
4. Friday was long. Snuck into F Bar since it was near my house but left shortly after realizing my friends were way too drunk. Met up with other friends near a cute lounge even closer to my house. Somehow they talked me into changing and going clubbing... At 3 am. Eek. Enough said.
5. Brunch @ the Park Hyatt... Apparently you can order bacon and eggs even if it's not on the menu! Saturday was a gorgeous day and eating on the patio outside was so fun!
6. Saturday I tried to nap. TRIED unsuccessfully.
7. G-chat session with my PIC - Leslie! Really missed that.
8. Saturday night: Mustered up the strength to make it to the birthday party. We rented a boat for one the girls and had about 25 people onboard! It was so gorgeous. Even though it was cold, I stayed outside in my down jacket and just enjoyed the cool winter breeze and shiny lights! The boat ride was about 2 hours from Hinode to Odaiba (where I actually did my homestay when I was in Japan studying abroad). In my delirious state I forgot my camera and have no pictures. (; . ; ) I'll have to steal some and post later.
9. Post-nautical activities... Clubbing again. By now I was one dead fish. I was drinking water and oolong tea at the club. The thought of alcohol made me nauseas.
10. Jersey Shore... What trash. I love it.
11. Sunday as usual a day of relaxation and recharging. But I bought a trashcan from Muji!
12. One hell of a weekend. I am learning that I am more of a little island girl than I thought.
13. Looking forward to NOT GOING OUT this weekend.
14. Detoxing.

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