Monday, February 8, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

1. Great, fun relaxing weekend.
2. RIP Juicy bling studs... (; ;). Seriously a bit sad that one of them broke.
3. Long day of house shopping today after work! Super fun! Pictures below (yes, I know dorky, but I get really excited about these things... A little TOO excited...)! But it's my first time to pick out things for own apartment! These are milestones to remember! Everyday my place is more like a home!
4. Thai buffet was way too filling for lunch...My goodness I was uncomfortably full for most of the afternoon.
5. Found out my android is compatible with my mac yay!
6. I was in a serious cleaning mood tonight...
7. I can't fall asleep for some reason...
8. I love my new desktop... Rotating shots from Spring 2010 runway.
9. Why does my house get dusty so quickly?!
10. Excited for the 4 day work week (^.^)
11. Valentines Day here is so backwards. Why do we give chocolate to boys?! I really don't get it... And then in March there is "White Day" where boys reciprocate and give girls things... So I have to go buy chocolate now for all my guy friends...And expect nothing this year in return. Well that's no fun! ;) I'll go buy a present for myself then! :)
12. I'm so in love with Franc Franc.

This is sooo adorable! Probably one of my favorite things that I got today. It's a tea set! And I love pigs (plus I'm a little piggy - so my mommy/friends tell me cause I eat so much... unfortunately this is too true!).

Teapot and two teacups! And they are buffnblu!

Piggy teapot comes with a strainer inside

Matching coasters and tableware box!

Pink ceramic knife!

My plates! Another favorite! I love how they go together with everything! Apparently I have good taste, the lady at Franc Franc told me they were in some TV drama in Japan. Pretty cool, huh?

Chop2Pot cutting board... It folds and is an award winning cutting board!

My pair of crystal hashi (chopsticks!)

Crystal soup spoons too! I love this stuff.

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