Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A blistering cold weekend.

1. Friday I had dinner at a great kurobuta restaurant in Ebisu called "Kurobutaya" - Literal translation - Black Pig Restaurant. And there were pigs everywhere! Pigs soap dispensers in the bathroom, pig stuffed animals in the restaurant, pig trash cans, pig everything! It was so funny! The meal was quite good though - Pork stir fry, pork shumai, pork dumplings in tonkotsu broth, pork croquette.... Uhh yeah, lots of pork haha.
2. Also must mention I continued to detox throughout dinner! No liquor, just oolong tea and water.
3. After dinner, everyone wanted to go to a wine bar... So I caved. Broke the exactly one week of no liquor streak. Not drinking wine at a wine bar... Blasphemy right? We went to this great place in Hiroo called Kissako. It was quite small, tucked away on the second floor of a building. The interior was quite zen, I loved it! On the way to the restroom the decor is like a small rock garden and you step from large stone to stone (so refrain from using the restroom if you are drunk or clumsy). Had one glass of wine with some house chocolates, caramels and ice cream. Delicious!
4. Saturday - ICE SKATING at Midtown!!!! I had been anticipating this for so long... But it was freezing freezing cold... So we did a little happy hour first at Union Square Tokyo. 500 yen for premium cocktails and 700 for sparkling wine! Again, I had a couple glasses but how can you not? The important thing is I stayed sober the entire weekend and was home before 3! :) And wine=grapes! Love the vodka but it's pure poisonnnnn. It can't be good for you. The bartender was quite nice (maybe a little too nice) and filled our flutes the very top! And then afterwards he poured out the rest of the bottle in my half full glass... We got a little warm and bubbly and off we went to to go skate!
5. Got the cutest cream VW mittens when we got there because VW is one of the sponsors of Midtown rink! Skating was sooooo fun. I want to go again! Haha.
6. Dinner in Tokyo Midtown food court (which is awesome by the way) with Sharilyn! First time I saw my cousin and I've been here since November! Crazy isn't it?
7. Pitstopped at Rigoleto and some other Midtown bar and called it a night... Went back to home sweet home.
8. Sunday was a day of catching up with Desperate Housewives and doing a little Jersey Shore marathon. Love it.
9. Sunday night we went to have dinner at Gonpachi in Nishiazabu where the Prime Minister took President Bush a few years back. Gonpachi is also the setting for one of the famous scenes from Kill Bill - which I have never seen by the way so I can't tell you exactly which one. I loveee the yakitamago and desserts there...

Waiting for Ayano... Happy Hour! Sparkling wine @Union Square Tokyo!

Before we got on the rink...

The Rink!

Candid! Hi!!!

VW bear and cute little kid in the background

Tokyo Tower in the background!



Standing on top a pile of snow...

Cousin Sharilyn and our strawberry shortcake :)

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