Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pictures from my Keitai!

I acknowledge I've got a lot of catching up to do! But in a way I'm happy I took a blogger sabbatical because it made me see that people actually read this thing hehe. So let's cut to the chase with a bunch of pictures from my keitai (cell phone)

It was sooooo fun. They are amazing live. Just great.
The concert was at the Billboard Live in Tokyo Midtown (Roppongi)
You weren't supposed to take pictures or video but you know, I'm such a rebel like that hehe.
Although I did get busted towards the tail end of the night ;)
If I can find a way to upload the videos I'll do that too!
Highlights of the night: The Roots' remix rendition of Guns n Roses "Sweet Child of Mine", "You Got Me" and the encore performance of "The Seed"!!!

Pre-concert view with my bubbly!


Other big news!
I went to Rina and John's house the other week to visit Kira-chan their new beautiful baby!!! I bought Kira these cute little Juicy Couture diaper covers... No clue what to get a baby but I thought they were adorable and each cover was rolled up like a flower and in a little rubber plant pot!
Baby Kira-chan... OMG she is SO small! I have never seen anything so small before... When I held her I was seriously freaking out and really scared... I just liked to stare at her tiny hands and itty bitty body from here...

I also got to see Monty!!! Hisashiburi!!! I missed him... Brought him lots of snacks and played fetch with him like old times...

My friends and I love to do hump day dinners...
Makes the week go by a bit quicker!
AW Kitchen in Azabujuban!
Reservation for 6 under "Alanna-sama!"
Bania Calda... My new food obsession

Dinner @ Oak Door in Roppongi Hills!
Quite good!... Tuna tartar, lamb, kobe steak, spinach, brocolli, garlic mashed potatoes... YUM!
But of course, I only got a shot of the dessert:
Rocky road sundae and banana choco pie

Love this little izakaya in Azabujuban!
Wanted to try the natto omuraisu so badly but they were sold out!
Will have to go back to try that and the tonkotsu dumpling nabe...
Below is tomato nabe- Apparently a trendy thing in Japan right now...
They also had a wall of Kona Brewery... Major points!
Made me feel at home!!! :)
Always gotta have dessert!
Surprisingly quite heavy but really healthy pumpkin pie from Eat More Greens Cafe.

I want to take ikebana classes..
My beautiful tulips and the new vase I bought!!!

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