Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday - SNOW!!!

1. I experienced my first snowfall in Tokyo!
2. I have never lived in a city where it snowed... (Hawaii/Malibu=more or less euphoric, tropical climate areas)
3. It was so so exciting! I actually left my house and went to the supermarket just to see snow falling... These pictures do not do justice... There were seriously huge chunks of snowflakes coming down in sheets from the sky! I tried to catch some in my hand... But failed.
Outside my apartment!
At the corner of Shichimenzaka (my street) on my way to the market!
One last picture before I scurried back home. I think this is the best one!
4. Train doors sure are strong! I almost got caught in one on the way home yesterday. Barely made it through. Sorta scary.
5. I'm convinced my mom should've and could've been a first class model in Japan. They all look a lot like her... Yeah?
5. Went to bed on Monday at 11:00 p.m. I was STILL tired...

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