Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

1. Saw a lady with a buffnblu bag today that said VODKA on it. I laughed.
2. Spring Nautical.
3. Need to check out Esola Ikebukuro!
4. Went to a cute bistro tonight called Les enfants terribles (literally like 3 min walking from my house!). Mmmm crepes and herbal chamomile tea.
5. So far doing well on my detox! We'll see how my will power is this weekend :)
6. Despite not wanting to go out at night, I have quite a busy next couple of days...
7. Will probably go MIA till Tuesday, if I blog before then I'll be quite surprised!
8. I need to go grocery shopping
9. I love my convertible arm warmer/mittens
10. I hate bills.
11. I am turning into a web geek... Did some online client alerts for attorneys today because or webber-girl in marketing is inundated with work... Who would've thought.
12. I make a bomb egg salad sandwich (I use a secret ingredient).
13. Can't wait to eat cereal for breakfast tomorrow morning - Two kinds: bran and fruit granola with fresh strawberries, bananas and soymilk! Such an Alanna meal :)
14. Good night!!!


  1. eh, what's the secret ingredient?

  2. i could tell you... but i'd have to kill you... :)