Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Bizarre Day...

So the day started off fine... Great actually! It was pretty warm, sunny and I got off of work early today because I had to pick up my alien registration card from the Minato ward and they closed at 5... So my boss let me go at 4! Lucky me!

After work, I wanted to go to Donkey which is an EVERYTHING store... Kinda like Wal-Mart on steroids. I love that store they have so many cool things! But since I got out of the wrong Roppongi exit (which connected to Tokyo Midtown - a gorgeous new mall complex - also where the Ritz Carlton is located) I walked around there for a bit! I had never been to the food court located on B1 before... Wow it's just amazing and there's a mini cookie donut store/kaiten sushi restaurant that I really want to try! Note to self- Need to go back soon! I also stumbled upon a Muji! If you like the site, they have a Muji in NYC in the MoMa store. Muji was Kara's favorite place to go to when we studied abroad together and I must admit, it's awesome. Ended up buying a few things for my house while I was there.

So... Cutting to the chase of why the day was odd...

Bizarre & SCARY Story #1 @ approximately 19:30
After spending what seemed like hours in Donkey (it's five floors) I started my walk home from Roppongi to Azabujuban... Muji bag in one hand, Donkey bag in the other, LV "never-full" slung over my shoulder. Got home, settled in... 15 minutes later... DING DONG. This means someone is downstairs (cause it's a secure building and you need a key to get into the lobby). My apartment has video surveillance (see previous posts for deets) so I can see who it is: Some man with glasses! And he wasn't wearing a delivery uniform or anything (and I'm not expecting anything)... So I freaked out. Plus he was staring right into the video so it seemed as if he was looking right at meee!!! EEEEEEK. I ran away from the screen, made sure my doors were locked and turned off my hallway light in case he somehow made it up. Talk about the ebbie jeebies. I opened my laptop as fast as I could hoping I'd find a friend on gchat to talk to so I didn't feel alone. Luckily I had a friend online and while we chatted I put on the happiest, bubble gum pop-iest songs I could find on my iTunes!!! Phew! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some sort of delivery slip in my mailbox or I will hope hope hope he had the wrong address??? Anyway, I'm getting scared again (yes, I'm a big baby...thank goodness for double locks and my secure building) so let's move on to stories #2 & #3.

Bizarre Stories #2 & #3
As I'm g-chatting away, trying to ignore the vivid imagery of "scary man" I start to slowly unpack my Muji and Donkey stuff. New hairdryer, scale, etc. When suddenly I notice, something that I didn't buy... A package of decorative nail decals... And they are SO FOB!!! I look at the price and they're about JPY2500 ($25~!) so I double check my receipt... No charge for any decorative nails. A part of me is like woohoo free nails! But please see pictures below... They are sooo bling! For me to say something is bling is also a huge deal (I love bling bling) but these are really too much! If I wear them one day I promise to post a picture... It will also be my official coming out of the FOB closet day.

What they would look like on me... Haha so ridiculous.

As I continue to gchat and simultaneously look at my new goodies/weigh myself on a kiloscale for the first time... I notice something else in the package that I didn't buy (story #3)... A small red box. What's this??? The front has a little comic strip on it and at the bottom the words "No Touch Smart Play." Hmmm... Well I flip the box around and whaddaya know... A box of Japanese condoms.

And I just start to laugh. Check my receipt again... Nothing. I must be like VIP Donkey shopper of the day. Now I'm a bit confused about the No Touch name and out of intrigue, investigate. Ladies and gents... These are no ordinary protectors! Apparently you don't have to touch these guys to get them on. There are two strings or something attached. I called my friend to inquire and he told me to open to box to find out how many were inside...10. The box also came with detailed, illustrated instructions (this is how I learned about the strings). FYI think I'll be giving the entire box to my friend... He sounded a bit excited, hence the anonymity. And maybe for shits and giggles to remember this nuts day, I shall keep one to make for an excellently interesting story.

Let's hope Tuesday is a lot more mellow...

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