Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

1. I love my scented reeds! My house smells so cozy and clean after a long day of work.
2. J'adore my Dallin Chase leather motorcycle jacket.
3. "I don't usually find Asian men attractive, but you are an exception." Apparently the word usually is key so not to be a backhanded compliment.
4. I am getting better at writing emails in Japanese! 良かったです!
5. Everyday I get tons of mail re: take-out/delivery menus, promotional coupons for nail salons, dry cleaning, etc. in my neighborhood. I will make it a point to order from at least one menu by the end of February.
6. Sadly, disabled people are looked down upon here in Japan (or ignored) which just makes me really sad. I saw a blind man for the first time at the train station today with his adorable Golden Retriever seeing eye dog. I can't wait to get a dog.
7. 今晩の食事は抹茶パフェだった。Tonight I ate a Matcha (Green Tea) Parfait from Koot's Cafe! Sooo good. Yup, I had ice cream for dinner! You know me, little kid at heart. (~.^)
8. みかん大好き!Mikan (Japanese tangerines) are so good!I ate two for breakfast today...They are really sweet and don't have any seeds! One big bag for less than JPY300 (USD3).
9. Doing laundry is not so bad now that I figured out my washer/dryer!
10. I feel so grown up paying my own bills... Rent, utilities, cell phone... SCARY.

Matcha Parfait from Koots Cafe Azabujuban!

My bag of mikan!***Note: There were a few more in the bag, now in my tummy.

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