Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Post

Happy 2010!

Seems like a great time to start a Tokyo blog.

I'm bringing back the trite "25 things" since being in Tokyo:

  1. Recently learned that 44•C=112•F. I like to take at least 112• showers and baths.
  2. 日本のビールが好きだ。I like Japanese beer... Specifically Kirin ZERO, about 45 calories a can. But after one I'm already full.
  3. Today, Thursday, January 14, 2009 was my first 12-hour day of work... EVER. Woo. Hoo.
  4. 毎日おでんを食べられる。I could eat oden everyday.
  5. ESTINATION. Comme de Garcons. Loveless. TopShop.
  6. I just looove my little apartment in Azabujuban.
  7. Hate the cold... But oddly I think I'm acclimating.
  8. Not a fan of the touch screen...Sorry Android, I can't wait to get back together with Blackberry.
  9. Somehow, I mastered the art of painting my left hand nails.
  10. New obsession: Tights.
  11. I'm not messy here. d(^.^)b
  12. But minus work, I'm still never on time here. (>.<)
  13. I love my bosses and coworkers.
  14. 初詣の時に、大吉もらった!Lucky, lucky.
  15. Febreze is my immediate best friend post smoky restaurant/bar/lounge/club outings.
  16. Mont Thabor Bakery Hokkaido Milk Bread... SOOOO GOOD. And dangerous. 3 blocks from my house. But SOYS CAFE, bar none, is my favorite place in Azabujuban.
  17. Maduro, New York Grill Bar, Two Rooms, Manhattan Lounge. 行こう?We go?
  18. I love walking. Especially in boots.
  19. What would I do without my iTouch? Beyonce-Sweet Dreams, Jay-Z&Alicia-Empire State of Mind, The Shoes-People Movin', Melody-I Miss You, Biggie Remix-Party in the USA, Ke$ha-Tik Tok, BEP-Meet Me Halfway, Fleetwood Mac-Over My Head.
  20. Did you know party is spelt T-O-K-Y-O? I didn't. Learned fast.
  21. So many holidays here! Love it!
  22. "By the way, do you have furniture in your apartment besides the piles of fashion magazines and bed?"
  23. Still no refrigerator.
  24. Since I couldn't open a bank account at the time, my first paycheck was a wad of cash. Talk about feeling like a drug dealer.
  25. Life could not be more perfect.


  1. I'm glad you started a blog! In case you don't know, I have one too... check it out at (


  2. xoxoxox glad you sound happy! love you girl, and miss you tons.

  3. Thank you guys for the posts! :) Reed: See my newest post! J: I am happy! Hurry up and graduate so you can visit. xo.