Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday & Saturday

1. Went to a Spanish Tapa bar in Nishiazabu called Donguri! It was quite good! We had Iberico pork, carpaccio, salad, enpanada, octopus & eggplant in a spicy tomato saute, this bean spread on a pita-type bread (really good) and sangria to go with the Spanish theme! My favorite thing was dessert of course, the Crema Catalana (brown sugar brulee)... Yum.
2. Headed to 57 in Roppongi!
3. Made a new friend - Lucia ! Ironically, we have some a couple mutual friends. I'm telling you... The international crew in Tokyo... A lot like Hawaii... Small. World.

4. Went to Le Baron in Omotesando (they also have one in NYC)
5. Home and in bed before 5 am! My original goal was 3 but that's been the earliest in a while for me, so I was quite proud of myself! And I didn't have a gross early morning breakfast! Another plus!

1. My frig arrived!!! --> So naturally, I had to go grocery shopping!
2.Udon, kimchee, eggs, tofu, aburaage, aloe yogurt, soy yogurt, swiss cheese, a strawberry-kiwi chuhai, natto, soy milk, oolong tea, apples, tomatoes, asparagus, salad mix, kewpie mayo!!! (and some other things in my pantry)

3. For all you Konaya-lovers out there (curry udon) they sell the udon in markets!!! I was so excited! Will keep you posted on how this turns out when I attempt to use my stove for the first time...

4. Freezer: Kabocha and two-types of ice cream: Milk and ichigo-miruku pops!!! Stocking up on ice cream is a must!

5. Evening tea time with Pru @ HARBS in Roppong Hills

6. Oh I'm sorry... I forgot to mention it was more like CAKE TIME. Below please find 3800yen worth of DESSERT.

7. Strawberry shortcake!

8. Crepe creme cake filled with fresh strawberries, bananas, kiwis, cantaloupe and honeydew! This was my favorite cake.

9. Tiramisu

10. Done, done and done.

11. Post HARBS we managed to fill ourself with even more SUGAR (which in retrospect was probably an awful idea) and sipped some cosmos at Rigoletto (also in Ropp Hills)! 500yen cosmos and they are amazing! Not too sweet, frothy, perfect, lovely little place... I shall be back.
12. Home by midnight (^.^). Relaxed, admired my camp transforming into a home, zzzz.

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