Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

1. Love Raphael Saadiq. Truly great happy R&B music.
2. I hit my knee against my shower door! Owww. Bump ninatta. Probably gonna bruise. (; . ;)
3. I also broke one of my favorite necklaces today!!! I forgot it was on my turtleneck and the gold chain ripped. Ugh. This weekend I'll go chain hunting...
4. Cleaned my apartment a bit tonight! I don't get why it gets so dusty so fast... Maybe cause I usually don't clean? And I'm figuring these things out for myself now?
5. Also played accountant for a bit... Another stumper: Why do they pay you all at once for the month... Makes it SO much harder to manage your money! Probably will be eating cup noodles and soda crackers near Feb 20... Haha. Kidding... kinda.
6. Fuji apples and swiss cheese!!!
7. Hooray for phone dates with Mom (^.~)...
8. Why was it so damn cold today?
9. Now that I consider myself truly a working woman... Haha. I love skirts and pumps!!! Loving the new spring Louboutin line! Especially... These and these (leopard's hot!) and these :) After I'm settled (house-wise) I'm going shoe shopping online!!!
10. I got a great mantra chain email from Em today... And I actually do a lot of those things! Especially the "smile when you answer the phone one!" (^.^) In fact, one of my friends here laughs every time we talk on the phone because when I answer I'm like "HI! or HELLO!" Maybe a bit too chipper!
11. Must learn how to make オムライス (omuraisu=omelette with ketchup rice and sauce). Pictured below!

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