Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trump House

Last Friday I went to this place called Trump House- A real discreet club on some narrow あやしい (sketch) alley of Shibuya near Mark City... The entry is literally a tucked-away, old wooden door. Love it! So underground. It's small but the interior is amazing. A new friend, Kento, was having a joint birthday/bon voyage party and rented the place out for the night. The irony of this place is that the sister club, also in Shibuya near TGIFriday's is called Trump ROOM. When my brother was visiting, I circled around Shibuya for about 45 minutes trying to find and meet him at Trump Room. Never did. Trump goers BEWARE! Neither club gets mobile phone service.

Some of the highlights below:

THE GROUP! (^.^)

Kento, our amazing host.

Fun with the Polaroid

So Studio 54. Inside Trump House.

The Girls.

Photo shoot with the glasses!

Deejay Spence and Deejay A

<3 Pru

After lots of cardio on the dance floor we got Udon at 5AM in Roppongi at Tsurutontan! I was super exciting (see my expression on the right). They serve the udon in these HUGE bowls which were somewhat distracting to me as I had some problems keeping the noodles on my chopsticks... And that was the night (^.^)/~

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