Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

1. I love 100円 shops.
2. Tonight was an 11 hour work day. Oh well, OT! Ka-ching!
3. I had an うなぎどん (unagi-don) for lunch today and surprisingly it was really good! I don't usually like unagi, either. The eel and tiny bones scare me a bit.
4. Need to stop being a night owl.
5. Is it spring yet?
6. When is the best time to go to Itsuki? Reed? おすすめは?本当に行きたいよ!
7. Met the first scary partner via email today. Eek. Don't think I'll be able to charm that one. My boss thinks his rude email was funny since everyone thinks he is a grumpy 親父 (oyaji: old man). We had a good laugh.
8. Tomorrow's Friday! (^.^)b
9. For finance dummies like me, at work today I learned that insolvency is when a company can't pay back their debts...Bankruptcy is what they file and the court of law determines them as insolvent!
10. That was a big thought. Bed time. お疲れ様!(otsukaresama)


  1. how do you go to bed a5 5am?? that's so freaking late, haha.

  2. no it was not 5 it was like 1 am! however, on the weekends, when we go out... 5 am is not uncommon ;)