Sunday, January 17, 2010

DKs, Building Party and TGFSunday

Friday: My first DK ever @ HUBS... OMG. You don't want to know what's in this... Let's just say it's good to take in cold weather? It makes you feel real warm and fuzzy inside and your mind a bit hazy 15 min later...

After HUBS... Feria in Ropps! Where else???
Whoops! We not ready!!!

Sexy, sexy Pru!

The night/morning - however you'd like to perceive it - ended eating steak (Pepper Steak) for breakfast! Sounds gross now but boy was it good then! (^.^)

Saturday: Ikea Building Party! Two dressers and a coffee table. My little place is slowly but surely turning into a home! And I love it!

Sunday: Relaxing day in Azabujuban and took a stroll up to Roppongi Hills! I also cleaned up my room a bit!

This is the phone to buzz in visitors... You can see them on the little screen! I also hang my necklaces and work IC card on the little jewel knobs I found at my favorite home store... Franc Franc!

Can you believe I've been living without a full length mirror this entire time?!?! I can't! 鏡はとても大事だよ!

Dresser #1 (My TV will go on here when I get one)

But for now, since I don't have a TV... My jewelry will sit there (and my perfume) (^.^)... It took me a long time to lay it out like that... Kinda looks like a cute boutique, I think!

My coffee/dining room table... Plus some of my bibles...

Dresser #2 and my bed! Oh and also my little aroma reeds that I love! Got those today in Ropp Hills.

View #2

1. I ate Mexican food (Frijoles in Azabujuban=Like Chipotle) two days in a row. Burrito and tacos. Yikes. Part Cali girl at heart I guess... Can't help it, it's in my genes...
2. Really want to go ice skating in Tokyo Midtown!!!
3. I <3 m-flo and Girl Talk!
4. Found a cute boutique in Roppongi Hills called Double Standard. I may or may not have purchased something(s) from there.
5. Had the weirdest dinner tonight but it was yummy! Curry nan and aloe yogurt.
6. Why are Japanese so high-strung?!
7. Real good ramen restaurant by my house! I think it's called 力 (chikara=strength)
8. Really... How did I live this long without a mirror? Now that is campy.
9. Excited for pay day next week!
10. Loving mellow Sunday...
11. The goal is to be in bed by 12:30 tonight...

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  1. Alanna! I love the way your place is looking! So modern and you! :) But my fav is your laid out jewelry...totally does look like a boutique store! Love it! xoxo