Monday, April 5, 2010

Virtual Golf, Karaoke, Sakura Chuudoku (Addiction) and Platinum Street

On Friday there were some Hawaiians in town... Coincidentally Jeff had a mutual friend Koa who knew Mitzi and Lea... So we all went to go play virtual golf (which I misleadingly thought was mini golf). Umm I could not be more wrong. I used the driver instead of the seven iron every time because it was lighter haha! And I was still horrible! My arms and back were even quite sore from all that swinging! Even though it was a lot of fun the competitive side of me was a bit perturbed that I was so awful... So now I really want to try and take up golf which will make Dad happy!

We told the ladies who worked there that they were all pro-surfers! Well we told about 1/4 of the truth...

Virtual golf group!!!

Next stop... Karaoke!!!

Under my Umbrella-ella-ella...

Guess that whole superstition of opening an umbrella indoors went out the window... Eeek.

Iolani Sandwich!!! Who would've thought ;)

I was impressed with these boys...

Post karaoke-shenanigans.

Lea: "I can't believe he was still standing!"

Saturday - Sakura in Nakameguro - Meguro River!
Picture this: A river lined by rows of cherry blossom trees. Two paths on each side of the river lined with impromptu vendors selling all sorts of goodies- clothing/snacks/drinks... From NY hot dogs, Turkish kebabs, yakitori, fried chicken, yaki-imo (grilled sweet potato), tacos, beer, hot wine, shochu, hot sake, caipirinhas, champagne, mochi, curry and rice, oden, Chinese dimsum, you name it they probably had it! A food and drink lover's paradise. So bring your A-game (appetite game)!

And oh did I have sooo much to eat. Surprise, surprise, right?! :) If I recall correctly... I started off with two sticks of yakitori, a shrimp taco, a chicken kebab, one piece of mochi dipped in shoyu-sugar wrapped in nori, one piece of grilled mochi sprinkled with kinako powder, a cup of spicy Chinese soup, a cup of tonjiru soup (a Japanese soup with konnyaku, vegetables and meat)... WOW. Then afterwards this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home... To pass out... Kanak attack! :)

Congrats boys! After looking for your hot sake for most of the day you finally found it.

Pop them bottles! Look how many they went through!

I wanted one but the line was just wayyy too long...

At dusk the lanterns illuminated...

So pretty.

The blossoms grow on the trunk too!

Sunday I walked around Shirokanedai (Platinum Street). Oh I'm so in love with it! It's the cutest area with lots of bakeries, chocolate shops, cafes and a bunch of cute boutiques! While I shopped around I found a pretty jewelry stand from an Italian-speciality boutique. My sales associate offered for me to sit down, and have a cappuccino on the "house" (or "saabisu=service" is what they say here) while she rang me up! So I sat there as she meticulously wrapped my stand, sipped my cappuccino, nibbled on a cookie and browsed through some magazines... I found this in the Italian Vogue and just loved it:
Also in love with this store called Pinceau Rope there... Oh so much fun! Can't wait to take my mommy when she comes at the end of the month!!!

Signing out now... Let's see if I can keep this blog-thing going in April...

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