Monday, April 5, 2010

March's Illustrious Antics = MIA

It's been quite a while... March was a whirlwind month and I can't believe it's already April! Time is just flying by so quickly! I exchanged an elaborate bracket for my own March Madness... My life through pictures... And this is just the beginning!

Clubbing @ whaddaya know... FERIAAAAA

Greg and Maki's going away party... Really gonna miss them!

Me & Erika

The best damn yakiniku + one crab hat


Skankin' to some Bob...

One takoyaki hat, one crab hat and a whole lot of tequila on the right...

The Girls, Our Girly Drinks and Our Greg!

I don't really know wines... But I do know years... 1985...

24/24 (^.^)

My first homemadepasta in Tokyo!!! Fresh kinoko mushrooms, green onions... Yumyum on my new plate!

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