Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday - Happy Hump Day

Look! Flowers are blooming!!!

What a crazy work week it's been.
But a great thing happened today. Everyone at work is so sweet and friendly... Except my COO. She's not mean but she's not friendly... At least not to me. I'm quite intimidated and though I always try to smile at her, etc., she's just SCARY. Today for lunch, I picked up a bento and ate at my desk since we had a seminar and I wanted to be accessible to the rest of my team in case they needed any extra help. As I'm eating she walks by me and says "Oh Alanna do you know Claire (Director of BD/Marketing for the entire Asia Pacific region)?" And I respond, "Yes of course." I correspond occasionally with Claire when they ask for deal information and other requests. The COO continued, "Well at APM (Asia Pacific Meeting) I saw her and she specifically mentioned you to me." Yikes. Scary. Why?! "She said you're doing a great job, doing really well ." I WAS FLOORED. "Thank you, thank you so much, that means a lot," I said trying to maintain my cool though I was ecstatic. With that she just walked away. Damn, she's still scary. I immediately wrote a nice email to Claire who I can't wait to meet one day.
Went grocery shopping today... I really think I could stay in drug stores and markets for hours. I guess I just really do like to shop. Chopped up carrots, cucumbers, apples and broccoli. Decided to make a little lifestyle change and eat healthier (I'm always eating out). I miss veggies. Produce is sooo great here!
Uploaded a bunch of pictures to Facebook. Looking back on them I am a full-fledged party girl. Oh my. Maybe another lifestyle change needs to made soon in regards to that as well!

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