Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday 2/28 in Yokohama

Kamameshi Rice

I love Yokohama. I went there this past Sunday to meet my friend Erika who I absolutely adore!
It's just so chill there... Still fun but not as intense as Tokyo. Not too far either... Only 30 minutes from Roppongi Station!
We shopped quite a lot actually which, of course, was fine with me! They were having a "Charming Sale" (still don't quite get what it is but it happens twice a year in Motomachi- a shopping district in Yokohama) so we walked around there and also browsed around at Sogo, an enormous department store near the Yokohama station. I got a couple skirts for work, some cute accessories and a coat!
For dinner, Erika took me to this great kamameshi place! It was so cute, homey and boy was it yummy! We also had some kushiyaki (meat/veggies grilled on skewers)... I tried joints for the first time! I actually liked it - had a crunchy interesting consistency.
Oh and also... I love sleeping on trains.

Yokohama Beer! Tasted like mugicha (barley tea) sorta... But it was good!

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