Monday, October 18, 2010

Fri & Sat = Standard Clubbing Procedures. Peace! Tsurutontan.

Photo credit: Mark Grotjahn

Friday: My friend K~ invited me to the opening reception party at Kaikai Kiki - Takashi Murakami's gallery in Moto Azabu for artist, Mark Grotjahn, is from LA. I took S~ with me, and it was so much fun! Our favorite pieces were in the series called "Captain America". Basically all the paintings were bold, primary colors - red, blue, and yellow geometric shapes and eyes lightly brushed over the central pattern. Really cool. We both had a headache from the work week/season change but what was ironic was that you'd think the painting would give us more of a headache with it's vivid and abstract design, but it had the reverse effect and cured us! PS Murakami was at the front of the gallery when we entered - He was so sweet, showed us the way - very nice man!

Afterwards, went home, ate dinner, took a nap - And went to Feria = MADNESS. S~ and some of the other boys got a table - At one point each guy was holding their own bottle of Goose/Belvedere. My friends are crazy. Was really glad I got to meet up with R~ as he was in town for a few days. R~ is my older brother's friend who I met before I moved to Japan. He introduced me to J~ who is so sweet and just moved here from NYC (works for Google). By coincidence, she may move into my apt building which would be so much fun! Also saw my new friend F~ a Kamehameha kid, so sweet.

Saturday: For most the day, as expected, I slept :) Also, my Android somehow stopped working the night before so I had to try to get it fixed at Docomo - Was REALLY proud of myself, managed to explain the problem, correspond completely in Japanese, understand what the lady was telling me and ~ VOILA!!! Phone fixed! Apparently the lady thinks the problem was with one of the applications I downloaded that may have messed up my phone cause once we deleted everything and rebooted my phone it was fixed! Phew.

Photo credit: 食べロッグ

That night, we went to PEACE, an outdoor restaurant a little outside of Tokyo in Futakotamagawa. Initially, S~ showed us this place after we watched hanabi in Futakotamagawa this past summer. Since it's getting colder by the day, we wanted to eat here since it's mostly outdoor seating.

Photo credit: 食べロッグ
The inside

Photo credit: 食べロッグ
Peace on a nice, sunny afternoon - Yes it's right on the river!!!

Photo credit: 食べロッグ
This is what it looked like when we dined there! Gorgeous and really romantic huh?!

I think this is our prosciutto plate next to the candle and menu!
The food was quite good as well and very reasonable (it's an Italian restaurant). We had bania cauda and prosciutto for appetizers. I had a mushroom cappucino-like foam pasta for my entree which was creamy but very light and tasty.

REALLY didn't want to go out after dinner, but the girls did and they ended up at my house... So they wore my clothes and we headed to Vanity. Surprise! It was an early, sober night for me. Was nice to just dance and be mellow :) We ended the night with Tsurutontan and the Team Juban walked home together.

Oh ya - I forgot to mention Tsurutontan is an udon place where they serve it in MASSIVE bowls!!! Haha so good though. I LOVE this pic of M~ too funny/cute!

S~ & N~ with N~'s tsukemen + tempura

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