Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Funny picture - Longest fry ever that I found at my favorite burger restaurant, Homeworks!

I'm making a more conscious effort to blog more... I also noticed that there is a large two month gap in my updates - I'll try to get to those as well! It's been a busy summer I guess!

As for this past weekend...
On Friday I was told I got a permanent position at my job!! Yipee~ I had been a contract employee thus far. So what this means is I'm guaranteed a position at the firm for however long I want! And hopefully that also means I get a raise :) It also means I won't go through any dreadful visa issues - I'll be reissued another visa in Japan for three years! Wow - that's a long time... Don't know if I'll stay THAT long...

The Akasaka Crew celebrating my promotion! It just so happened there was a little matsuri in Akasaka on Friday!

Friday night French dinner in Kagurazaka - Hello escargot.

On Saturday I went to the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills. The view there is gorgeous!!! You can see all of Tokyo. Check out Tokyo Tower and the view of Minato-ku/Tokyo Bay below...

I found my apartment building too!!!

The actual exhibit was called Sensing Nature... This looks like a painting but it's a HUGE projector screen with a video of moving water...

One of the artist's was a Yoshioka too! :)

My favorite exhibit! This was a huge paper mache project extending out from the walls of the room... You had to duck to get to the other end (well..me not so much cause I'm petite)... But along the way there were all these random holes in the paper mache. When we stuck our heads through the holes it was a forest full of "snow!" I felt like a little rabbit or baby bear hibernating in the winter!

We also went to the rooftop of Mori Tower - where the helicopters land (Actually you can take a helicopter for about USD500 from Mori Tower to Narita Airport). Boy, was it spectacular and exhilarating to be that high!

Sunset and traffic... It's crazy how the buildings and lights are so compact and just go on forever and ever... I love staring at this - No city can compare... LA is not as compact, and the lights in NYC do not go on this far...

Saturday night the girls came over to my apartment for dinner - cheese/crackers, salad, pizza and cream puffs/grapes for dessert!!! It was sooo much fun!

Miz and Nana!

Sunday - Marie & I wandered around Aoyama - OMG in love!!! The best thing about Aoyama is that there are so many back streets/roads filled with cute cafes, restaurants, buildings, etc. I can't wait to go back. One of my favorite things to do in Tokyo is to aimlessly walk, wander and explore - the discreet, hidden hole in the wall places are the best!!!

In the middle of a sleepy residential/small cafe area we stumbled upon this beautiful modern shopping complex right behind a cathedral!

This building is so cool! It's actually a hair salon - I wanna try to get my hair done here just to go inside hehe. :)

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